Tap into the hidden potential of your credit card

AlltoBill is the easiest way to saving miles and reward points through your credit card

Tap into a variety of reward programs, frequent flyer miles programs and other rewards. Check out your credit card provider and see which program matches your card.

Tapping into the main benefits of your credit card

Everybody’s got bills to pay. it’s a big part of our cost of living, for private individuals and businesses. It’s never a fun activity right? Well, we though of how paying bills can actually work in your favor.

Did you know credit cards let’s you save reward points and miles with each transaction you make? These miles can be used to pay for products, book flights, upgrades, hotel stays and more via your credit card’ reward program. You automatically save these point each time you use your card. However, there aren’t many expenses you can pay for with your credit card. It’s difficult to pay an invoice if the receiver doesn’t accept credit cards as a method of payment.

But what if you could pay any invoice with your credit card? You would be able to boost the amount of points or miles your saving just by paying your monthly recurring invoices, or other purchases via your credit card.

But there are some more major benefits that combine well with paying bills.

Let’s find out what these benefits are:

Did you ever consider the potential of your credit card's reward programs? If you're an average consumer, saving up reward points is a slow process. But what if you would pay your monthly bills with your credit card? This would make saving up miles and reward points a lot easier!
Use miles to pay for your next flight, that business class upgrade, hotel booking, merchandise and more. Save up miles faster and smarter and save money.

Many of our customers are already profiting today.

Credit card providers offer you a 30 day payback period, which means you can buy things now, and pay back your credit card later. Improve your liquidity position by using your credit card to pay for your invoices and bills.
Some credit card providers offer additional cashback programs, giving you a percentage back of the purchase you made with your credit card. Why not use this to pay for your bills? Get a discount on paying your bills.