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Got a bill in front of you? Let's pay it in a few easy steps

Select the recipient you need to pay
Easily create a recipient profile that you want to pay. you only need to create these profiles once and is stored under `your recipients` so next time you pay, it's just a click away.
Fill out the amount and the currency you want to pay in
With our bill settlement platform you can pay in EUR and in CHF, in over 21 countries in Europe. The maximum amount of a transaction is completely dependent on your own credit card limits.
Your payment settled in 3 business days
We settle your bill in 3 working days. You receive confirmation of settlement as soon as the recipient has received the payment.

How you benefit

Paying your bills through AlltoBill let's you unlock your credit card in many ways

Your credit card gives you a standard 30 day payback period. We enable you to pay your bill through us, and you can pay off your credit card 30 days later.
Some credit card providers offer cashback when you're using their card. Discounts on payments of up to 5% are possible with certain providers.
Virtually all credit card providers offer reward programs for using their credit cards. paying your bills via Alltobill can really boost saving up on miles, so you can have that business class upgrade, your next flight fully paid by miles or tap into other rewards your credit card provider offers!
Whether it are domestic or international payments, you are able to pay your bills to anyone, anywhere within Europe in EUR and in CHF

Unlock your credit card's reward program

Boost saving miles for your next holiday trip, flight, purchase, or profit from cashbacks, all by paying your bills.

But thats' not all see how AlltoBill can work for you

Slide Any bill any supplier, any payment Pay any bill with
your credit card
Pay any bill via your credit card and get 30 days extra to pay any bill, just by using your credit card. create your account
Slide IBAN Payments in EUR & CHF Straight to your recipient's
bank account
AlltoBill pays your recipient straight to their bank account. You make the payment via our platform with your credit card and your bill gets settled within 3 working days. EUR and CHF transactions possible in over 21 countries. Try it out
Slide Boost reward points & airmiles Profit from paying
with your credit card
You directly tap into the reward programs of your credit card. Save airmiles (like Miles&More), profit from cashbacks or other point programs offered by your credit card through AlltoBill Start saving miles today

How our customers use AlltoBill

Saving miles on my credit card’s frequent flyer program goes so much faster because I use @alltobill

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Thomas Schmidt

Use @AlltoBill for my company. We pay most of our supplier’s invoices with our credit card, giving us extra time to pay the invoice off

Slide Image
Tim Hassels

Booked flight and got my business class upgrade for free due to @AlltoBill 

Slide Image
Peter Haessli

Our hotel overnights on business trips are pretty much all paid for by the reward points we saved via our credit card!

Slide Image
Benjamin Gahleiner

We were always struggling to get our invoices paid via our accounts payable. We now pay them in-time through @alltobill and have happier suppliers

Slide Image
Kurt Fischer

I can’t travel as much as I like these days, but I’m saving up miles like crazy for when we’re all back to normal. Thanks @alltobill!

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Cassie Wang

No hidden fees no hassle

No hidden costs, you just pay a small transfer fee for our service. 2.99% for Visa & MasterCard, and 3.99% for others.
Other cards
per transaction
  • Payout to recipient in three working days
  • Maximum rewards on miles and point programs
  • Up to 60 days payback period on your credit card

You really profit from paying with AlltoBill. Try it out now and create your free account

create an account and try our platform out. You have nothing to lose, all to gain!

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